KMAELC Philosophy

Pre-School Entrance

Pre-School Entrance

At the Kathryn Marie Albee Early Learning Center (KMAELC), we are committed to establish the very best learning environment for your child-- one that is not only exciting and creative, but nurturing and stable. Our program offers an opportunity for children to prepare for a more formal, educational setting. We have a curriculum that is driven by state standards and based upon our Catholic faith. We are focused on the individual child, and will stress positive development during this vital time of social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.

Program Highlights

  • Highly qualified, experienced staff

  • Happily Ever After; a researched based literacy curriculum

  • My Math; a Common Core Standards aligned math curriculum

  • Daily schedule that is rich in learning experiences, allowing children to learn through guided instruction, social interactions and play

  • Hands-on learning that allows children to become actively engaged

  • Individualized teaching instruction

  • Developmental screenings & assessments

  • Use of modern technology, including computers,iPads, and SMART Boards

  • Indoor gross-motor room for daily physical activity

  • Character Formation and teaching of the virtues

  • Before and After School care

  • Flexible tuition payment plans

Our Space

The Kathryn Marie Albee Early Learning Center has become a Reggio-inspired preschool that provides a balance of technology and nature. The inspiration for the natural elements of our center came from preschools in the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy which houses some of the most successful preschools in the world. The schools of Reggio Emilia are known for their aesthetics of beauty and peaceful learning environments that leave children with a sense of joy and motivation.

One of the key components to the design of the Kathryn Marie Albee Early Learning Center is large, spacious windows that keep the children connected to natural phenomena and the outside world. We bring nature into our classrooms with live plants, animals and “found” objects that lie freely on natural wood shelves. 

The walls of the classrooms were painted in monochromatic Earth tones that are used to create a calm, comfortable space for learning. The walls also serve as a backdrop for the children’s paintings and drawings as well as religious pieces of art that remind children and adults that this is a faith-based learning center. There are mirrors present and photographs of the children throughout the center along with children’s work displayed that give the children a sense of ownership and security in the space. 

The rooms are prepared with organized spaces that have intentional purposes, allowing the children opportunities to explore and use creativity and imagination. There are dramatic play areas, building areas, writing tables, art and expression areas, math centers and science centers. The centers are spaces for the children to work in small groups—building on their communication skills, peer relationships and problem-solving skills, all key components in the learning process of a young child. 

The final phase of planning and construction for the Kathryn Marie Albee Early Learning Center will be the addition of an outdoor classroom. The space will become certified through the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation as a Nature Explore classroom. The space has been designed to give children a greater connection with the natural world and will be used to help with Art, Math, Science, Music, Language and Literacy skills.

About Kathryn Marie Albee

The learning center has become a reality due to the generous donation from John Albee in memory of his late wife, Kathryn Marie Albee. Due to an operation early in life, Mrs. Albee was not able to have any children of her own. Now, with this memorial, she may have an influence over the lives of many children. It was Mrs. Albee's hope for children to have the opportunity to have a Catholic Education, beginning with the learning center, continuing through Epiphany Catholic School and Central Catholic High School. The learning center will establish the environment that Mrs. Albee longed for--one that will help each child reach his or her full potential, and one that offers children opportunities to use all of the talents and abilities that God has given them

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