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Epiphany School uses fundraising, parent support, and church support to provide quality education to our students. Parents are asked to commit time each year to assist in the running of the school. The Service Hours worksheet allows you to track your time and submit it to the administrators of the Service Hour program.

Epiphany Service Hour Program

What is the program?
The service hour program is a program that requires all Epiphany School parents to volunteer time at school. The current Service Hour period runs from May 1, 2019 until April 30, 2020

Why does Epiphany have a service hour program?

  • Encourage greater participation by all parents

  • Build a sense of community

  • Tap into talents of parents

  • Create opportunities for students and teachers

How do I record my hours?  3 Options:

  • We would like everyone to begin recording their service hours online this year.  Sign up by sending your primary email address to  You will be given access to  Please note, you will not be able to record hours online until you sign up via email first.

  • For those not registered to submit your service hours online, service hour worksheets will be sent home 4 times per school year in Friday folders of the youngest child in the family.  Fill out the worksheet and return it to the school office.

  • E-mail an electronic copy of completed service hour worksheets to Jennifer Jelinek at

    • <Click Here> to download a form that you can use to submit your hours electronically.

  • The online program (or the service hour coordinator, if using paper) will accumulate your family’s hours.

  • The website (or subsequent worksheets sent home) will contain a summary of service hours worked.

  • Please continue to record hours beyond your required hours so we can evaluate the program’s requirements each year and award incentives.

    •  30 hours – Epiphany Bag

    •  75 hours – Epiphany T-Shirt

    • 150 hours – Family Athletic Pass

    • 300 hours – 2 Epiphany Auction Tickets

How do I find volunteer opportunities?

  • See the school website for various opportunities

  • Review the list of approved categories on the service hour form

  • Contact School Club ( for  available opportunities

  • Please note that organized classroom events at school do not count as service hours. These include, but are not limited to, Mother’s Day Tea, dissection, and making of Gingerbread houses. Helping with class parties does count towards your service hours.

What are my Requirements?

  • Families with children in grades K-8 are required to participate in this program.

  • Two parent families are required to volunteer 15 hours. Single parent families are required to volunteer 8 hours.  Please record ALL of your hours.

  • If you intend to complete service hours while children are present, you are required to attend the “Protecting Gods Children” seminar.

What happens if I don’t work my required hours?

  • A reminder letter will be sent home in April indicating that the service hour period is coming to an end and your family has not completed their required hours.

  • In the event that a family does not fulfill their service hour requirement, that family will be charged $20 per hour not completed by April 30, 2020.

What if I have questions?

  • Please contact Jennifer Jelinek (309) 370-6790.

State Farm Good Neighbor GRANT


State Farm employees: have you volunteered 40 or more hours in the calendar year at Epiphany School? If so, you may be eligible for a corporate grant supporting volunteerism. Through the Good Neighbor Grant Program, the State Farm Companies Foundation awards a $500 grant on behalf of each eligible State Farm associate who volunteers a minimum of 40 hours a year to an eligible nonprofit organization. Did you know, when completing the form for this grant (which only takes about 5 minutes) you can designate the money to go to a specific area of the school? For instance, you can designate the $500 to go directly to the Chess Club or School Club or the school auction. 

SF Grant website 


Box Tops For Education

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Box Tops for Education provides three ways to earn up to $60,000 in cash for Epiphany!  We can earn as much as $20,000 each from clipping Box Tops, shopping at the Box Tops MarketplaceSM and using the Box Tops Visa® card.  

 Box Top Links: