Extended Care Program for Epiphany Catholic School Students

Extended Care Logo

Extended Care Logo

Before & After School Care will be offered at the Kathryn Marie Albee Early Learning Center (KMAELC) for children in Kindergarten - 5th grade enrolled at Epiphany Catholic School.  Ms. Bridget Lanham (bridget.lanham@epiphanyschools.org) is the Director of KMAELC and the Coordinator of the Extended Care program for ECS.  Contact her at any time with questions about this program!

Extended Care will begin on Monday, August 19th, for ECS students. Extended Care will not be available before Monday, August 19th.

Epiphany Catholic School students may arrive as early as 6:30 am to the front entrance of the preschool.  A staff member walks students from the preschool to the Lyceum at 7:45 am.  ECS students attending after care will be directed by their teachers to the meeting place in the small gym at the 3:15 pm dismissal.  A staff member will walk those students to the preschool where care is provided until 5:30 pm.  

When dropping your child for morning care or picking up your child from after care, please dial 217 on the intercom outside of the preschool front entrance.  Please state your name and the child you are picking up; a staff member will unlock the door for you to enter.  

Click Here for 2019-2020 ONLINE Extended Care Registration Forms

Extended Care balances are updated every Monday for the previous week's attendance.  Extended Care balances will appear as “incidental billing” in your FACTS account. All balances will be paid online through your FACTS account. Extended Care costs for the upcoming school year are as follows:

  • Morning Care (6:30—7:55 am): $5 daily    • After Care (3:25—5:30 pm): $15 daily

  • Half Day Camp (11:30 am—5:30 pm): $25  •  Full Day Camp (6:30 am—5:30 pm): $30
      Cold lunch from home: $20                                    Cold lunch from home: $25

  • Additional child for Half Day Camp: $15    • Additional child for Full Day Camp: $20
      Cold lunch from home: $10                                    Cold lunch from home: $15

Click Here for the Day Camp SignUpGenius!

On early dismissal days and certain days off, KMAELC offers day camp for Epiphany Catholic School students.  You must turn in registration forms for your child to attend as well as sign them up on our SignUpGenius page.  On our SignUpGenius page, please include with your sign up "hot" or "cold" lunch for your child.