Do you have to be Catholic to attend Epiphany?

Front of Church

Front of Church

No, you do not however; because of our spiritual nature, all students are required to participate in religion classes and all spiritual activities related to our daily school schedule.

 Do you have to be a member of Epiphany Catholic Church?

No, you can be a member of any other church, but the tuition rate is higher. What is the tuition rate for Non- Catholics and Non-Parish members? Each year tuition rates are adjusted, but this school year, 2019/2020, it is $6,100.00 per student.

 Do the students wear a school uniform?

Yes, they do. The uniform dress code can be found under the top navigation bar labeled ‘Parents and Students’ – ‘Handbook & Forms’ – ‘Parent Student Handbook’.  

Where can we buy uniforms?

Uniforms can be purchased from The Dwelling Place, a Catholic supply store on College Avenue in Normal. Many retailers also sell the khaki and blue pants and shorts as well as navy and white shirts. We do have a used uniform area at the school that is available for shopping anytime. 

How would your curriculum compare to other schools?

Epiphany earned the designation of a National Blue Ribbon School in 2011. Their curriculum is student focused and standards driven. They utilize differentiated instruction to accommodate the individual needs of each student. Listed below is a brief overview of our curriculum for Grades K-8.

Religion is a required class for all grades. Our Parish Priests teach many of these classes.

In addition to religion, we offer a class in Character Formation. This class teaches students how to live Christ’s love for others by fostering the virtues of kindness, respect, optimism, generosity, honesty, prudence, patience, responsibility, and morality.

Reading begins with Super Kids Reading Program, Kindergarten through Second Grade. This is a phonetically controlled vocabulary which leads to better reading skills, especially when combined with other language arts.

Our Math curriculum is bolstered by daily review and homework in “Simple Solutions”. Fifth Grade students are tested at the end of the school year for placement in pre-algebra in sixth grade. Eighth grade students that qualify are currently taking Algebra at Central Catholic High School.

Social Studies is alive in classrooms that create projects, displays and demonstrations, including The Great Wall of China, Rome and the Aquaducts, the Fifty States of The United States, and Countries throughout the world.

Science is taught in the classroom K-5, but Junior High students are enjoying a newly reconfigured Science Lab. Advanced Science classes are a component of the curriculum.

Spanish can be heard from Kindergarteners reciting colors and numbers to Eighth grade students having conversations and writing paragraphs.

Computer skills are mastered as students learn keyboarding, create spreadsheets, utilize electronic resources, produce multimedia presentations and utilize Web 2.0 tools.

The Fine Arts are represented weekly through General Music, Choir (JH), Art and Band (5-8).

Physical Education is on the move as students, skip, hop, run, jump, hit, throw, and develop important team skills of working together.

 What are some of the other activities in which my child could participate?

At Epiphany we have several athletic teams, many include students 5th – 8th grade. For girls - softball, cross country, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and track. For boys - baseball, cross country, basketball and track. We also support a Chess Club, a Speech Team, Scholastic Bowl and Scouts.