Virtue-based Character Formation at Epiphany Catholic School

Go beyond the realm of what the world is telling you to be, and into the realm of what God is calling you to be.
"Settle for nothing less in Yourself than Spiritual and Moral Greatness"

Kids Rosary

Kids Rosary

One of the key aspects of Epiphany’s philosophy is that of helping our students grow in virtue: to be the best persons they can be. Fostering opportunities for growth in virtue is a clear focus of the school’s planning and is integrated consciously and meaningfully into our teaching. We believe that natural virtues empower individuals to become a more complete person. It is the growth in virtue that leads to the development of competent, responsible, considerate and committed people.

Epiphany School is focused on building a Catholic foundation by “Leading Children to Jesus” and helping each student realize their potential—Spiritually, Intellectually, Morally, Physically, and Socially---thus enabling each student’s character to grow and nurture. An Epiphany Student is Kind, Respectful, Optimistic, Generous, Honest, Prudent, Patient, Responsible, and Moral.

Our Character Formation is focused on a school-wide (Pre-K---8) virtue of the month. These virtues will be further developed at each grade level with pertinent sub-virtues appropriate to each grade level.  The Human Virtues that we will be introducing should not take away from or replace the Theological and Cardinal Virtues that our teachers are introducing during their religious instruction.

The tentative break down of instruction for the school year by month is as follows:

Fr Eric and Mike Giving Communion

Fr Eric and Mike Giving Communion

  • Sept. - Kindness

  • Oct. - Respect

  • Nov. - Optimism

  • Dec. - Generosity

  • Jan. - Honesty

  • Feb. – Prudence

  • Mar. - Patience

  • Apr. - Responsibility

  • May - Morality

A corresponding Saint—male and female--- and scripture references will be introduced and used for modeling each of the virtues listed above for each of the nine months. Students will also be introduced to a quote for the month to help further foster the development of the virtue for each month.

Our hope is that families of Epiphany Parish "grab hold of" the virtue we are working on in school and take it to the next level—incorporating the virtue into the daily home life as well.

 “Virtues are good habits, acquired through practice and effort.”