General Lunch Information

Lunch Logo

Lunch Logo

  • Lunch periods are as follows:  4th - 8th - 11:30-12:05     K-3rd - 12:15-12:55

  • The price is $3.50 for a regular lunch and $4.50 for a large lunch.

  • It will also be the same price for the salad bar.

Ordering Information

  • Lunches should be ordered each month through

  • Our password is knights148.

  • Interested families must re-register as they clear all accounts each summer in order to have current information.

  • Lunches are ordered for the following month.

  • Each month ordering opens on the 7th and closes on the 22nd.

  • You will receive an e-mail through that the ordering period is open.

  •  October

  • November