Principal's Bulletin Message December 8/9, 2018

Posted by ML on 12/12/2018

The following is an article that I ran across, in the attempt to catch up on my professional reading. (Today’s Catholic Teacher, August/September 2012)  The article offers parents tips on simple routines that can be established in your home, to better prepare your child for success in school

As your child begins another school year (I told you I was behind), commit yourself to practicing the three “B”: breakfast, backpack, and bedtime.

  1. Breakfast: Medical research clearly supports the positive value of a healthful breakfast. Benefits include the ability to be more alert and focused, improved stamina, and a sense of well-being.


  1. Backpack: Always check your child’s backpack every day as soon as possible after he or she arrives home from school. You will find important announcements, notes from the teacher, and other communications from school to parents.  That way, there will be no “surprises” or last-minutes crises in the morning.  In addition, checking your child’s backpack daily will ensure that it does not become a black hole for school papers and forgotten items.


  1. Bedtime: The value of a good night’s sleep is well-documented. Develop not only a regular bedtime for your child, but also a bedtime routine.  For example, provide a wind-down time prior to putting your child to bed for the night.  You might read together or encourage some time for an older child to read prior to turning out the lights.  A calm and routine end to the day matched with an appropriate amount of sleep will reap many positive benefits that support a more alert child and increase the likelihood of school success,

Making these habits household routines can help everyone and help your child feel better prepared to meet the challenges of the day ahead.

We pray to our Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede on our behalf to her son Jesus Christ,

Mike Lootens