Posted by ML on 11/21/2018

Epiphany Catholic School offers a wide-range of extra-curricular activities that it's students can participate in.  Our school has a history of very successful extra-curricular activities, recently highlighted by a dominant performance by our Speech Team at the IESA Event at Parkside Junior High, in early November.

Being a former secondary school activities director, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits that these activities provide, to the students who participate in them.  Countless research studies have presented data that confirms the positive effect that these activities provide for students.  Attendance, class participation, and academic performance are enhanced, by participating in these activities.

That being said, I have listed a few other benefits for students, who participate in these activities offered by our school:

Learning Time Management and Prioritizing  Students will need to learn how to manage and prioritize their time which is a key to success; this often is a student’s first experience with this valuable trait.

Learning About Long Term Commitments  When students take on an activity they learn the value of commitment and responsibility and the participation in a something that is bigger than themselves. 

Learning About Social Relationships  Extra-curricular activities provide students a chance to get involved and learn how to act appropriately in social situations and these activities give them a chance outside of school to do this.

Of course, while there are a great many reason to participate, as parents, you need to consider how much is too much.  It is important that kids don’t try to do it all, but that they have a passion and commitment to the activities they choose.  Please discuss these opportunities with your son/daughter and let us know, if there is any other information that we can provide you with. 

Make God bestow His abundant blessings to all of the Epiphany family,

Mike Lootens

Go Knights!!!