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  •  Epiphany Catholic School Leadership Team

     At Epiphany Catholic School, a Leadership Team has been formed to ensure that communication is even more enhanced and on a regular basis.  Currently, the Leadership Team of the Board President, Pastor, Principal and a Faculty Member (Karen Overby) meet bi-weekly to discuss school operations, mission effectiveness, and issues that may surface and require prompt attention.  The point of the Leadership Team is not to abbreviate grievance or appeal processes, but to ensure a balanced team around the school administrator when issues reach his desk as a result of the above-mentioned processes and when communication around school issues at all levels and kinds surface and are time sensitive.  Please do not hesitate to contact the School Leadership Team.


    Epiphany Catholic School School Advisory Board

    The School Advisory Board supports the Pastor and Principal and promotes the mission of the school. This consultative school advisory board shall have as its sole concern the ministry of Catholic school education. The school advisory board, operating under the guidance of the Diocese of Peoria Catholic Schools Office, and in conformity with diocesan school policies, shall concern itself with policy matters pertaining to the general excellence of Catholic education at Epiphany Catholic School. 

    It is the responsibility of parents, teachers, the Local School Advisory Board, and Administration to recognize parents as the primary educators of their children.  The School Advisory Board assists the school in achieving its goals to provide quality Catholic education. It shall be the goal of parents, teachers, the School Advisory Board, and administration, through Gospel teaching and an excellent program of academics, to direct students toward a conscious choice of living a responsible Catholic life. 

    Board Meetings (subject to change): Bi-monthly on first-Tuesdays at 5:30pm during the School Year in the Library September 4, November 6, January 8, March 5 and May 7.  Sub-Committees will meet during the off months.

    School Advisory Board By-Laws and Constitution



    Chris Niebur, Chair

    Mary Brownfield, Secretary

    Father Eric

    Principal Michael Lootens

    Angie O'Connor 

    Keith Evans 

    Nic Baker

    Mary Donnelly

    Deb Willenborg

    Katy Killian

    Jared Hall

    Joan Hartman

    Dalton Grossmann

    Kathy Novak







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