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  • RenWeb Instructions

    Epiphany uses RenWeb as our school information system and gradebook. Information that you will find in RenWeb ParentsWeb includes your child's grades, attendance, and a school directory. Click on the following links for information relating to RenWeb.

    Creating a ParentsWeb Account
    Using ParentsWeb  
    ParentsWeb FAQ's


    Edmodo Instructions for Jr. High Parents

    All Jr. High teachers communicate classroom information through Edmodo. In order to stay informed, it is necessary that you create a parent account within the Emodo site.  If you do not have a parent account yet, you can find the code you need to create your account on the schedules that were given out at Jr. High's Curriculum night. If you do not have the schedule, your student can obtain the code through their account. Information on how to set up your parent account and use Edmodo can be found in this Emodo document.

    Edmodo will be used for homework and announcement purposes, but all grade information, including late/missing assignment reporting will be through the gradebook. If you are in need of assistance regarding these procedures, please contact Molly Nixon 

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